Founded in 2004, total impact is a global design company. We have established ourselves as a global trend leader by forming partnerships with Super Union, subsidiary of the WPP Group which is one of the world’s largest communications companies.
Through the collaboration between Korean professionals, who are well equipped with field experience and knowledge, and European professionals with expertise in branding and corporate identity design, we have developed a strategic and creative design system. This has enabled us to execute numerous successful branding and corporate identity projects for various distinguished companies in Korea such as Hyundai Card & Hyundai Capital, SK Telecom, JTBC, HiteJinro and more, giving us a strong reputation in our field.
Our global staff is proud to assist organizations develop new brand & design identities for their new ventures as well as renew existing brands & design identities to sustain their leadership.

Strong relationship with European experts
We are unique business intermediary providing?an ideal platform for branding, identity, environments, design opportunities in Asia with European experts.
Successful cooperation with clients
We know how to work with you to bring best capacities together to rally around a brand or a product and bring them to life in a market.
Clear experience of design management for client
We know how to simplify the core essence of who you are and create a common culture of design experiences that ultimately build your business.