SK Broadband B

B’ is SK broadband’s wired communication service brand. While symbolizing the initial of the company’s name, Broadband, the ‘B’ also represents ‘B’ravo, ‘B’reakthrough, and ‘B’eyond, principals which are summarized in their mission statement: “SK broadband is determined to receive Bravo from satisfied customers through amazing Breakthroughs that goes Beyond limits of conventional wired communication service. The design concept, graphic motif, and color scheme came directly from the T logo to symbolically visualize their combined services and the synergies that the combined services can create for customers. B shares the same brand value as T: the shape of the logo looks like it has a front & back, inside & outside, a beginning & end, and yet when observed closely, it is all connected as one. Both identities embody the concept of two-in-one to illustrate that brand become one with its customers.