2013 HMC Modern Premium Cr...

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has introduced brand mission ‘Modern Premium’ to promote and communicate a cohe ...more

2012 HMC Modern Premium Cr...

Hyundai Motors redefined its brand essence as 'modern premium' and tried to deliver the value of? 'new thinking ...more

SAMSUNG Welstory_Fresis PB...

‘Taste, Freshness, Safety’ Fresis is a private brand of Samsung Welstory, which has been distinguished wit ...more

2014 Dairy_HMC

The 2014 Hyundai Motor diary and notebook are designed using pictograms created with strokes to identify differ ...more

HMC Modern Premium Story B...

A story book was made to communicate Hyundai Motor’s brand essence, ‘Modern Premium’ in a concise and sim ...more

2012 Calendar_HMC VIP

The 2012 Hyundai Motor calendar shows that an automobile can be much more than the means of transportation. It ...more

2010 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2010: Beyond Boundaries for Sustainable Growth Despite the year of low growth rate for most financial compan ...more

2009 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2009 : A Fresh Focus Hyundai finance sector which includes Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, and Hyundai Commer ...more

2008 Hyundai Card, Capital...

In 2008, Hyundai Card and Hyundai Capital achieved a record growth rate. Accordingly, the concept keyword of th ...more

2007 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2007 : Good to Great Company To celebrate the launching of a new credit card design series, 2007 annual repo ...more

2006 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2006 : Sustainable Growth in Innovation Hyundai Card and Hyundai Capital have experienced rapid growth and e ...more

2005 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2005 : Reaching New Heights The design concept of 2005 edition was ‘Reaching New Heights’. Circular grap ...more

2004 Hyundai Card, Capital...

2004: Having the Happy Moment The 2004 annual report conveys these companies’ desire to help their custome ...more

2003 Hyundai Card, Capital...

Ever since the successful CI renewal of Hyundai Card and Hyundai Capital, we have maintained a constant partner ...more

2011 Calendar_Hyundai Card...

The 2011 calendar for Hyundai Card, Hyundai Capital, and Hyundai Commercial was created for promotional purpose ...more

Hyundai E&C Corporate...

Hyundai E&C requested to create a corporate storybook to look back on their 60?year corporate history and to pr ...more

FKI Brochure

The newly constructed FKI Tower (Federation of Korean Industries)in Yoido symbolizes ‘economic growth of Kore ...more

IFC Seoul Brochure

As a step forward to become a leading financial center of Korea, IFC Seoul made a promotional brochure. To emph ...more