Hyundai Card, Card Design

Each card is named after an alphabet letter based on customer's life style. Special color coding system is intr ...more

Hyundai Card ‘the Bl...

Hyundai Card’s Black Card is an exclusive card only offered to VVIP, or top 0.05% of its members. This presti ...more

Hyundai Card ‘the Pu...

Hyundai Card’s Purple Card targets the top 5% premium customers. Purple, which is often tagged as a mysteriou ...more
new red

Hyundai Card ‘the Re...

In many different cultures, the color red symbolizes passion, fortune, wealth, and nobility. The Red Card, was ...more
앱솔루트 Summary Identity

Absolut Korea Limited Edit...

Absolut Korea Edition is a limited edition that represents South Korea. Working with Contemporary artist Wook H ...more

SEOK SU Package Renewal

Bottle The new bottle design was created based on a motif of dynamic energy of the Sobaek Mountains and its pu ...more

Max Package Renewal 2015

HITEJINRO’s ‘Max’ is widely recognized through many global awards for its great taste. The typeface for t ...more
queensALE_000 병_1

Queen’s Ale

With the advancement of brewing technology, HITEJINRO finally has enough confidence to introduce new type of be ...more
max test

Max Package Renewal 2013

HITEJINRO’s ‘Max’ is widely recognized through many global awards for its great taste. Max needed a new l ...more

Max Special Hop 2015

American Super Aroma is the craft beer which contains Centennial Hop, that gives strong flavor of citrus aroma. ...more

Max Oktoberfest Special Ho...

Max Special Hop 2013’ is the 5th limited edition of Max which used hop from Germany with 125 years of traditi ...more

Max Special Hop 2014

‘Max special hop 2014’ is the 6th limited edition, which is a traditional Bohemian Pilsner style beer that ...more
max special 2013

Max Special Hop 2013

Max Special Hop 2013’ is the 5th limited edition of Max which used hop from Germany with 125 years of traditi ...more

Max Special Hop 2012

The 4th limited edition, Max special hop 2012, uses 100% of traditional England hop that acquired ‘Royal Warr ...more
hite test

Hite Package Renewal

Based on the dynamic & powerful image of Hite beer, the new package graphic was intended to strengthen visibili ...more


Ssodal is a local soju brand for Busan targeting younger customers. The image of a toad, symbol of cleanness an ...more

Tavalon Package Renewal

Tavalon is an Asian fusion tea specialist brand. According to’ teaviews.com’ Tavalon’s tea was included i ...more


Every employee of Amore Pacific wears an ID card around their neck when they meet customers in person. Amore Pa ...more

HMC Premium Youth Lab Card

Premium Youth Lab is a membership service card to support networking and social events among young Hyundai auto ...more
G-AXA card-01

AXA Direct Plus Card &...

Product packing of AXA Direct Plus card and insurance were designed with great care to keep visual consistency ...more

SK Group Card Design Syste...

In order to facilitate brand consistency among many SK family brands, SK group needed to establish clear and co ...more

KIA Soul Card

SOUL card is a membership service to support networking and social events among SOUL owners. We applied the 'Ku ...more

Daum Pomm

Pomm is a membership card service that was launched by Daum. This service is for both Daum’s existing users a ...more
G-SK Enclean-02

SK Enclean Bonus Card

Enclean Bonus card was re-designed to promote the new CI of SK energy. The card plate directly reflected the gr ...more

Hyundai CMA Card

Hyundai Securities launched a new CMA card for customers interested in various financial services and investmen ...more

Samsung M3 Memory Card

Samsung wanted to create a new package design that would make its new memory card ‘M3’ stand out from compe ...more