Hyundai Card, Capital, Com...

As subsidiaries of Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Card and Hyundai Capital initially shared the corporate identit ...more

SK Telecom T

'T' is SK telecom’s wireless communication service brand. The existing 'T' brand emphasized its 'cutting edge ...more


Joong Ang Media Network, which was the first private broadcasting company in Korea, was reborn as JTBC in 2011. ...more
하이트 진로


Two of Korea's leading liquor companies Hite and Jinro merged to create the company Hite-Jinro, and needed a CI ...more

Next Entertainment World

NEW’s new Corporate Identity visualizes “Connection” of the three imaginable universes into the union of ...more

Next Entertainment World 1...

The emblem was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of NEW also used the number '10' to intuitively conv ...more
StarField Summary Identity


We have developed a visual identity for Starfield, a freindly and energetic space. Script typeface embodies har ...more


emart24 intends to raise the reliability of products, prices and services by using emart's brand power and the ...more

Shinhan Card

Shinhan Deep Spotting card, a smart customization is to gain a deeper understanding of customers with big data ...more

Hyundai Card ‘the Bl...

Hyundai Card’s Black Card is an exclusive card only offered to VVIP, or top 0.05% of its members. This presti ...more

Max Special Hop 2015

American Super Aroma is the craft beer which contains Centennial Hop, that gives strong flavor of citrus aroma. ...more
queensALE_000 병1

Queen’s Ale

With the advancement of brewing technology, HITEJINRO finally has enough confidence to introduce new type of be ...more

Samsung Securities Graphic...

The new visual element took motif from a pie chart diagram. The visual element symbolically illustrates Samsung ...more

Hyundai Capital Brands Ren...

Sub-brands of Hyundai Capital were re-arranged for clearer communication and brand consistency. New visual hier ...more

SEOK SU Package Renewal

Bottle The new bottle design was created based on a motif of dynamic energy of the Sobaek Mountains and its pu ...more

Max Package Renewal 2015

HITEJINRO’s ‘Max’ is widely recognized through many global awards for its great taste. The typeface for t ...more
max test

Max Package Renewal 2013

HITEJINRO’s ‘Max’ is widely recognized through many global awards for its great taste. Max needed a new l ...more
hite test

Hite Package Renewal

Based on the dynamic & powerful image of Hite beer, the new package graphic was intended to strengthen visibili ...more

SM Entertainment Character

SM Entertainment developed a symbol in shape of egg to serve as extended visual identity of its philosophy and ...more


Naming was targeted for space, which presents Korean?Movement experiences by proividing virtual reality. K s ...more
summary dalcom

Dalcom Soft

As Dalcomsoft is a professional game developing company targeted international market, it is expressed by 'four ...more

HMC_ASLAN Brand Guideline

Aslan Guideline was created to help understanding and communicating the brand value locally, as well as to prom ...more
sonata guide_low_00

HMC_SONATA Brand Guideline

SONATA Brand Guideline was created to help understanding and communicating the brand value locally, as well as ...more

HMC_Hyundai Motor Club Emb...

현대모터클럽은 14종 양산 차 모두를 아우르고, 기존 동호회를 대표할 수 있는 연합 ...more

Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life Insurance?company provides products, relevant information, and services which are essential for liv ...more
삼성 kies

Samsung Kies

Kies is Samsung Electronics’ software that allows the convergence of multiple mobile devices. Core functions ...more

SK Broadband B

B' is SK broadband’s wired communication service brand. While symbolizing the initial of the company's name, ...more

SK Telecom TB

T' is SK telecom’s wireless communication service brand. The existing 'T' brand emphasized its 'cutting edge ...more


GS Home Shopping changed its brand name to GS Shop in an attempt to improve its brand image with high quality p ...more

Daelim ePyeonHanSeSang

The new BI of 'ePyeonHanSeSang’ (Korean expression meaning 'comfort world by experience') placed a visual emp ...more
play nc-01

NCsoft PlayNC

‘Magic Frame to Meet the Other World’ is the concept of the new BI for NCsoft’s new game portal, playNC. ...more

NC Soft Emblem for 10th an...

NCsoft designed this emblem to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The emblem uses the fantasy characters in NCsoft ...more

Samsung Galaxy

Cheil Industries’ fashion brand, ‘Galaxy’ holds multiple meanings. The first is the literal meaning of th ...more
olive young

CJ Olive Young

Olive Young, a health and beauty product distributor, launched a CI renewal project to prepare itself to take a ...more
현대 privia

Hyundai Card Privia

Privia is a service designed to provide Hyundai Card customers with benefits related to traveling, shopping, le ...more
i'm you


I’m You’ which started out as a product brand has gained a significant amount of recognition over time. Our ...more

j contentree

J Contentree, the content provider within JMnet, is a company that creates and distributes entertainment media ...more

GS SHOP ‘ditto’...

GS Shop launched a premium products broadcasting brand 'ditto'. The quotation mark used in the 'ditto' logo rep ...more


The main concept behind the design of 2am logo is 'Synergy of Harmony' which refers to the beautiful melody cre ...more

방탄소년단(防彈少年團, BTS)

Sorry, this entry is only available in 한국어.
summary Identity


Based on a variety of appeal, GUGUDAN's logo design, embodies nine-girls' beautiful mind as a cute and lovely v ...more

Korea Life Insurance

Korea Life Insurance needed to develop a visual identity system in order to project consistent brand image in v ...more


IBK&LIFE is the name of IBK’s new annuity insurance business sector. The concept of the CI is 'Hidden Plus', ...more
summary Identity

The Round

The Round is Chinese restaurant in Chungdam-dong. It is embodied the shape of tree overgrowing from center of t ...more

CJ Haesley

Haesley' is a combined word expression in Korean, meaning a ‘village where the sun rises’. The symbol mark ...more
_01 haevichi


Haevichi Hotel & Resort is located on the east side of Jeju Island which is known for its beautiful surroun ...more

AXA Direct Identity

A new CI for AXA Direct was developed to enable a smooth transition from Kyobo Direct Insurance to AXA Direct i ...more


ShinYoung, an integrated real estate services group, changed its CI in preparation of their strategy to expand ...more
_01 gwell


G Well is a Shinyoung group’s residential space brand. To convey Shinyoung group’s consistent image, we hav ...more

HMC Investment Securities

Developing specific and differentiated investment strategies to capture value is one of the most critical compe ...more


Law firm Yulchon commissioned for a CI renewal to express its determination to provide fair and explicit soluti ...more

Samsung Life Insurance

Future30+' and 'Freedom50+' are brands of Samsung Life Insurance’s financial instruments that provide custome ...more

Rolling Hills

Hyundai Motors recognized the need for its employees to actively interact and communicate with Namyang Technolo ...more
앱솔루트 Summary Identity

Absolut Korea Limited Edit...

Absolut Korea Edition is a limited edition that represents South Korea. Working with Contemporary artist Wook H ...more
summary Identity_1

Max Oktoberfest Special Ho...

MAX Special Hop 2015 - Max Oktoberfest is the limited edition beer which used premium German noble hop, Mitelpe ...more
Queens ALE Summary Identity_01

Queen’s ALE Limited ...

Queen's Ale, as a premium ale beer of HITEJINRO, temporary launched Extra bitter limited edition during fall an ...more