2006 - 2010

‘T’는 SK telecom을 대표하는 이동통신 브랜드입니다. 새로운 아이덴티티의 정립에서 중요한 것은 ‘고객중심’으로의 가치 이동이었습니다. 즉, 고객의 꿈이 T의 소망이 되고, T의 노력이 고객의 생활이 되는 T의 핵심 가치를 반영하는 시점의 변화였습니다. ‘T’로고는 ‘뫼비우스의 띠’를 모티브로 삼아, 고객과 ‘T’가 하나되는 Two-in-one의 개념을 형상화 하였습니다 또한, 안과 밖이 동시에 공존하는 모습을 표현하였습니다. 기존 로고와 달리 곡선의 부드러움을 살려 고객 친화성을 강조하고, CI와 연계를 강화하기 위해 SK의 대표 컬러인 주황색과 빨강색을 적용해 역동성과 열정을 강조했습니다.

‘T’ is SK telecom’s wireless communication service brand. The existing ‘T’ brand emphasized its ‘cutting edge technology’ as it was the industry’s leading standard. However, as the market matured, customers started to demand a change in mobile communication services. In order to adapt to the changing market environment, SK telecom decided to give ‘T’a facelift to strengthen its brand image as a friendly and customer-centric company. The graphic motif of revised ‘T’comes from the Moebius strip. ‘T’ logo embodies the concept of two-in-one to illustrate that customers and ‘T’ become one. The shape of the logo looks like it has a front & back, inside & outside, and a beginning & end, and yet when observed closely, it is all connected as one. Unlike the previous logo that rather looked sharp and cold, the new logo adopted soft curves and warm colors to emphasize customer congeniality. The CI colors of SK group, red and orange, were intentionally used to illustrate the dynamic energy and passion it represents. An exclusive typeface called ‘Moebius’ was developed to expand T’s visual identity, sharing the same design concept as the logo. Graphic element called ‘Dream Line’ was developed, sharing the same concept of the Moebius strip for coherence. It also represents T’s management philosophy and determination to make customers’ dream into reality. The signage system and retail store design also adapted the same visual concept for consistency and applied soft curves and clean graphics to provide comfortable environment for customers and enable them to enjoy T’s service. Through this project we not only successfully renewed T’s BI, but also created a holistic strategic identity that applies consistently to space, advertisement, prints, and everything else that reaches the customer.